The Way It Was

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The Way It Was
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The Way It Was
by Mattie Brown

Recounting a safe escape from New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck the city-Mattie L Brown thanks God for her safe arrival home. Thoughts of surviving one of the worst natural disasters in our nations history stirred memories of blessings from her great-great-grandfather, the day she was born, and the day she was convinced the bestowal of divine favor and benefits is the grace of God protecting her to this day. What the Philadelphia Tribune describes as a lucky escape the Author recounts as a miraculous escape; this momentous, horrendous experience was one of the great inspirations to write her memoirs The Way It Was.

About the Author

Nostalgia was overwhelming while writing memories of growing up in the historical county of Edgefield, SC during the Great Depression. The Author, Mattie Brown, the eldest of nine children, felt compelled to write her memoirs, especially, since many of our younger generation would like to hear more about the old ways of times past- The Way It Was.

Mattie, the mother of six children, lives in Philadelphia, PA. She enjoys listening to music, reading, and recently discovering the joy of writing!

(2012, paperback, 138 pages)