The Way Life Made Me

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The Way Life Made Me

The Way Life Made Me

By: Jimmy Scales

About the Book

The Way Life Made Me: Silent Tears of a Savage is the story of an innocent child who battles with religious faith and is brought up through travesty. He morphs into a man with a low tolerance and bitterness towards life. He brawls with reason, inflicting the necessary consequences to those he deems as wrong.

About the Author

Jimmy Scales began writing at the age of 16, but did not pursue it until a good friend encouraged him to follow his passion, so passion he pursued. At 18, he began producing literary works back to back, but it was not until 2017, at age 23, that he sought out self-publishing. He believed his work was paramount in how it differentiated from works of the same genre.

Scales enjoys weight-lifting, playing basketball, and ghostwriting rap and R&B music. He is currently incarcerated.

(2017, Paperback, 236 pages)

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