The Will to Live…and the Ability to Connect the Dots

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The Will to Live…and the Ability to Connect the Dots
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The Will to Liveand the Ability to Connect the Dots
by T. Grant Evans

The author was born and raised in central New York State where life began for him March 14, 1943. The book that he has written delves into his life starting at age 17 when he joins the Army. The very first chapter establishes the beat of the book at a fast pace it is here where the author defines himself and takes a look at his challenges that he faces as a young man. The book takes the reader into the authors world, and the complexities that confront him as he struggles to survive hence the will to live. He introduces the reader to a mix of self-development and education as he enters the corporate business world. He marries at age 35 to a sweet affectionate lady ten years younger and she has a dark side. The author will give a first-hand accounting of how she deals with her demons.

After thirty years of working inside, the author decides to pursue his real passion as a professional skier/snowboarder he finds freedom in the outdoors as he continues his mission to be his best. He spends time here on this feeling of being in the mountains; he also has a rather large dog, a black lab, Max, they become close. When Max passes, the author offers to take him into his being time is spent here remembering his love of Max.

Late in life, at the turn of the millennium, the author becomes sick; he is close to death he decides, not now, and through will power and research he heals himself reversing the bad with the good; hell tell you his story. At books end he reprimands the city he calls home to look after their whole flock.

(2014, Hardbound, 196 pages)