The Window Trees

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The Window Trees
by Ruth Naomi Hartman A desperate Sarah Jane Mulberry escapes her impoverished life and her abusive father in West Virginia, where she lived with her nine siblings. She travels to Florida where she meets and marries Albert Worthington. For the first time, she is happy, but it is the Vietnam Era, and Albert is called to serve and must leave his pregnant wife behind. When he is killed in action, she sinks into complete denial. Will she ever rise from her situation and once again enjoy the life she has traveled so far in distance and mind to find? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ruth Naomi Hartman comes from a large family in rural West Virginia, where she attended a one-room country school. She put her dream of writing on hold while she reared her son and daughter as a single parent. Now remarried, she pursues her passion of writing. Although she never had the opportunity to obtain a college degree, Ruth Naomi Hartman is an avid reader who constantly strives to expand her vocabulary. Artistic and creative, she is a lover of both nature and writing. She invites you to find a cozy spot, brew a hot cup of tea, and slip away with her first novel. Explore the talent she had kept hidden for far too long. The author lives in Lake City, Florida. As this book goes to press, Ms. Hartman has a daughter serving with the U.S. military in Iraq. (2005, paperback, 120 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.