The Wings of My Butterfly Beauty

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The Wings of My Butterfly Beauty

by Camouflage In this anthology of heartfelt poetry, Camouflage traces a womans journey through life and the self-discovery of everything that makes her beautiful and like a butterfly in its metamorphosis. She promotes self-love from the moment of conception to moment we begin to understand our relationship with this vast universe and begin to discern our purpose. This anthology is dedicated to the outcasts who feel like their differences are a curse, when in truth those differences are what make them unique and valuable. Without their collective beauty, the world would be without flavor, design, texture, and color. This collection will challenge you to make a solid investment in yourself by tapping into your spiritual and creative resources. If this world ever denies you, you will have the skills earned through love, faith, strength, wisdom, and hope stored within you. ABOUT THE AUTHOR With a mother gifted in writing short stories and essays and a father who is a talented writer, actor, and artist, it was inevitable that Camouflage would inherit artistic talent. She was formally trained at the Baltimore School for the Arts, where she learned to be not as shy about self-expression. This culturally diverse school taught her to appreciate people of different cultures and colors, and she developed confidence and an appreciation for being different. With a B.S. in communications from Marylands Bowie State University, Ms. Parks is ready to share her message and her gift with the world. (2005, paperback, 160 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.