The Wishing Shell

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The Wishing Shell

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The Wishing Shell
by Karen M. Piersa
Illustrated by Susan L. Ramsey

In this lighthearted, fun summer tale, a determined boy teaches readers the lesson Never give up. Jimmy teaches young readers that when the odds are against you, believe in yourself. Jimmy tries over and over to build the perfect sandcastle. His confidence in himself and never-give-up attitude help him to finally achieve his dream.

The Wishing Shell is a book for children of all ages to enjoy. It is a gentle reminder to never give up on your dreams and never stop trying.

About the Author

Karen M. Piersa lives in a coastal Connecticut town with her family. Karen has dedicated her life to her family and helping others. Karen is a director of Worklife Counseling Services and a teacher.

Karen continues her work in worklife counseling, education/special education while also volunteering her time in the community and schools. Her children and their perseverance in all they do have inspired this book and are a constant reminder that anything is possible.

(2011, hardcover, 34 pages)