The Witch and the Grape Tree - eBook

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The Witch and the Grape Tree - eBook

The Witch and the Grape Tree

By: Bettie Birch

About the Book

The author hopes that this book will serve as a literary and character building story for children.

About the Author

Bettie Birch is an artist, educator, and a sociologist. She holds a Master Degree in Educational Sociology from Wayne State University and a Bachelor of Science in Art Education. She also completed some of her studies at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. She has taken many classes from Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan.


Ms. Birch was born in Scooba Mississippi, and grew up in Meridian, Mississippi. After graduating from T.J. Harris High School, she moved to Detroit, Michigan, to live with a great aunt.


Ms. Birch has been employed with the State of Michigan in several capacities. She was employed with the United Stated Labor Department as a Youth Employment Interviewer and a Job Corp Interviewer. She was a teacher with the Detroit Board of Education for 25 years. She is active in politics, church and the community. She is a Life Member of the NAACP.

(2017, eBook)