The Withering Rose

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The Withering Rose
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The Withering Rose
by James Rodriguez

Within the pages of this collection, James Rodriguez presents, for the first time, love for such topics in its various themes. As an artist, Rodriguez records his interest in visual form, so that he can relate to the viewers of his art through these aspects of life, as he sees it in through his eyes. Such poems as The Old Church Bell and The Withering Rose are of tranquility and melancholy. Poems such as The Forest Called Astray are of fear and The Midnight Maiden is of nature.

It is Rodriguezs hope and desire that readers will understand the emotions that he attempted to convey from these poems, and that they will enjoy reading these selections as much as he enjoyed writing them.

About the Author:

Author James Rodriguez is a native of Texas, but now resides in Louisiana. He has loved writing poetry for over twenty years. His poems depict his reflections on love, nature, tranquility, melancholy, and fear, in which he attempts to communicate to the reader the emotions of such matters. Rodriguez hopes to inspire other aspiring artists and poets to do what they lovewriting what their hearts and minds compel them to express.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)