The Woman at the Well

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The Woman at the Well

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The Woman at the Well
by Joyce Starks

Are you ready for your well experience? When Jesus told the Samaritan woman to go call her husband, he knew there was an inner transformation that needed to take place inside of her; there was a reason this woman was in and out of so many relationships. One day when she least expected it she met the man of her dreams!

The Woman at the Well expounds on practical insights that women often overlook or just plain dont see. Or even worse, they settle for less than Gods very best! Are you ready to let God prepare you to receive your king? Unknowingly you have already gone through your purification process of which the author calls the Esthers anointing!

Sharing a personal testimonial of past relational encounters, Joyce Starks sends a message to the queen inside every woman that before the happily-ever-after we must spend time alone in the royal presence of God for him to deliver and heal within, a very important person, YOU!

About the Author

Joyce Ann Starks is a mother, a writer, a fashion designer, and a motivational speaker in the kingdom of God whose focus is to serve as a positive role model and example for young women assuring them that all of their dreams and aspirations can and will come true if they will continue to trust and believe in themselves when sometimes they will only have themselves. She is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, but ultimate passion and desire is to design and produce her own clothing line. She encourages women that there is a new world in Jesus where they can be delivered, healed, and set free of all old heartaches and pains.

(2009, paperback, 60 pages)