The Woman Who Walked Alone

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The Woman Who Walked Alone
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The Woman Who Walked Alone
by Christine Wilson

This is a true story about a farmers daughter who had a rough life at an early age. There were illnesses and deaths, laughs and cries, good times and bad. She left home at 18 and moved to the city to take care of herself. She was betrayed by ones she loved. She ended up raising her four boys on her own. She dressed and educated them and bought a house to put them in. Two of the boys had drug addictions. The death of one made an impact on the other. Watching her parents suffer a death was hard for her to do. Finding her son dead was bad for her after all she had to bear. She went back to school in her older days. Her sons are good looking and smart. They make other people happy and help those that can't help themselves. This gives her happiness in her soul, like they are angels God put on earth to help those that have lost their way.

About the author

This story tells the history of her life, and loves. She loves family life, hospitality, watching TV, and cooking. She loves people and loves to eat out at times. She helps a lot of older people and children. Her upbringing on a farm enhanced her life. It made her strong enough to do anything she needed to do. This book tells the reader what she pulled though in her life and the way she always bounced back time after time. Through betrayal, heartbreak, sickness, family troubles with the law and deaths of her loved ones she has gone on with a loving heart to help all around her. She looks to God for support to help her loved ones find God also.

(2013, paperback, 36 pages)