The Working Man's Guide to God, Eternity, and Me

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The Working Man's Guide to God, Eternity, and Me

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The Working Man's Guide to God, Eternity, and Me
by A.A. Lambert

Our current technology and scientific discoveries tend to dismiss all belief in a God that created us and our world (Studies and research into-Anthropology, Origin of life, Theory of evolution, Planet formation, Etc.). With more than seven billion of us living on this planet, is it even remotely possible to believe that a God exists, a God who knows us individually and can actually guide and help us in our life trials and personal endeavors?

Pragmatically we could conclude that we are on our own. Still we marvel at the glory, beauty, majesty, and power of sunsets, sunrises, flowers, mountains, rivers, oceans, volcanoes, storms, earthquakes, and so forth.

We wonder at the precision, magnificent design, complexity, and composition of all life (man, animal, plants, etc.) and the awesome vastness of our cosmic universe and all it contains.

Could a God be possible? Yes, yes, not only possible but loving us and leading us back to Him.

About the Author

The author is an individual thinker, exposed to lifes hardships. He is the father of a profoundly handicapped daughter and an ex-Prisoner of War (Japanese, Second World War).

Mr. Lambert is also a pragmatic realist and mechanical engineer (retired) who accepts only tangible, factual, believable information concerning Gods existence. He is a questioner of and researcher into existing beliefs held by groups of people, nationalities, religions, sects, and individuals who analyze and draw conclusions from this material, and he wants to share with the readers of this book the results of his lifetime of deliberation.

(2010, paperback, 102 pages)