The World of Jack Dennison-Detective: (The Final Chapter)

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The World of Jack Dennison-Detective: (The Final Chapter)
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The World of Jack Dennison-Detective: (The Final Chapter)
by Albert E. Farrar Jr.

A detective on the loose

Jack takes a much needed vacation and meets a lady he knew in high school. He sees friends in Cleveland, helps solve a case and then travels to Switzerland with Marian a lady he almost married.

Traveling the country

Jack encounters a married lady in Munich who is looking to change her life style. Across the U.S. he stops to see Mo and Jane in Kansas City. Later he meets a teenager who wants to go with him and also encounters two ladies at the Grand Canyon.

The Ryman/Orvett case

Jack returns to the murder of several ladies. A neighbors friend tries to develop a relationship. The chief sends him to Miami to solve an old case. And when he returns, he learns that Marian is killed while skiing.


Jack learns he is going to be a father. A lady from his past suddenly appears and he winds up saving her from jumping off a bridge. He re-opens an old case and the New Mexico teen shows up. Two ladies propose marriage. Jack is recruited to save an unknown mans daughter and he is later shot in his front yard.

Sadness and happiness

Jane in Kansas City dies. Jack gets a big check from the magazine. A lady is killed leaving a bank and jack learns more about his deceased wifes family. An old couple is murdered in their home. Jack goes to Germany to return the herald boy. He proposes marriage to his high school friend.

About the Author

The author took much time and effort to bring this three-book series together and to end the story happily. The mysteries in Book One, the tragedy in Book Two, and the almost-tragedy and mysteries in Book Three took much thought that eventually led to an ending that wasnt known completely until the last page.

The author created many happenings outside of his everyday solving of the cases as a detective who brings adventure to the entire three-book series. It wasnt always just his work, but it was also the involvement with others in his personal life. His passion for mysteries created this story.

(2012, paperback, 222 pages)