The World of Jack Dennison…Detective - Book 2 (A Continuing Story)

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The World of Jack Dennison…Detective - Book 2 (A Continuing Story)

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The World of Jack DennisonDetective - Book 2 (A Continuing Story)
by Albert Farrar, Jr.

The Kidnapping and the Widow

Jack helps a lady find her two daughters. An old friend has cancer, and the grandson of a deceased industrialist is kidnapped. The widow makes a play for him, and Jack gets into trouble trying to catch the kidnapper.

Drama at Golden Gate

Jack looks into an officer shooting. He learns his wife is expecting, and she and a model friend are kidnapped. Jack rescues them, but later the kidnapper escapes custody and tries again. Jacks friend asks him to sell his house.

A Complicated Life

Jacks wife loses the baby. He notices she seems to be having physical problems, and many tests later they learn she has a fatal disease. His friend is involved in an auto accident, and Jack meets a new neighbor.

A Changing Lifestyle

A prominent family member is murdered. Jacquees condition gets worse. There is an attempt on Jacks life. Caring for his wife at home is too difficult, as her condition worsens and she is finally placed in a facility to better care for her. Another attempt is made on his life. His wifes situation worsens, and she finally dies.

Destined to Be Alone

Jack loses a close friend who is mistaken for him during another attempt on his life. A murder is solved, and Jack finally learns who is responsible for trying to kill him. His friends cancer is in remission, and Jack decides he needs to get away to clear his mind.

About the Author

While not writing stories, the author and his wife travel, visit friends, and enjoy living. He hopes you enjoy the continuing adventures of his character and will look forward to his further adventures in this book as well as the next.

(2011, paperback, 238 pages)