The World of Jack Dennison—Detective

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The World of Jack Dennison—Detective

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The World of Jack DennisonDetective
by Albert E. Farrar Jr.

Footsteps on the Gravel Path
While on vacation, Jack helps an old friend and fellow retired police officer solve a murder.

The Crystal Goblet
Jack leads the investigation of the murder of a wealthy city leader and the recovery of the missing Chinese Crystal Goblet.

Cabin in the Trees
While on a weekend getaway, Jacks lady friend disappears.

The Senators Daughter
Jack goes to FBI school and meets a senators daughter. Their relationship develops, and Jack is offered an important job.

A Fathers Mission
Jack helps solve the murders of several drug dealers.

About the Author

My first venture into writing happened in the fifth grade, when the teacher gave the class seven titles to choose from and we had to select one to write a story. I chose Footsteps on the Gravel Path. I received an A for my efforts, and I still have that paper to this day. I did not write again until I was in my forties. That was a very brief effort that ended quickly, as I felt I did a poor job in improvising the footsteps story, and raising a family took up my time for quite a few years.

Several other stories I have written are The Angel of Crystal Falls, The Secret Life of Sister Paul, The Greatest Golfer We Never Heard Of, A Stranger from the Past, Searching for Sally, Charlies Moment, and The Mysterious Sisters, which was renamed Matilda. Now retired, I have more time to write, and I find I enjoy it a great deal.

(2009, paperback, 240 pages)