The Young Wise Man by Antoine A. Raphael

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ISBN 0-8059-9240-5
The Young Wise Man by Antoine A. Raphael
The Young Wise Man aims to mix art as a source of beauty with wisdom. Raphael brings to the youngincluding parents and educatorsthe message that reality is given. It is neither beautiful nor ugly; human beings can tailor it to their own visions. Reality can be reshaped to produce more workable living conditions, and the young have the energy to carry out this optimistic and idealistic undertaking, provided they are conscious of their Promethean role in the unfolding of history. The Young Wise Man draws its inspiration from a combination of intellectual attitudes: a thirst for transcendence as well as a casting of ideas in the mold of objectivity, realism, and idealism. Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.