They Called me Pete - eBook

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They Called me Pete - eBook

They Called Me Pete

By: Ellen Kimbriel

About the Book and Author

Ellen Kimbriel grew up in South Carolina and is now living in Texas. She practiced as a registered nurse both in clinical nursing and in nursing education for most of her life.

Now retired, Ellen is pursuing her hobby as an author; writing short stories about her childhood in the South and later as an adult in Texas. She also likes to write stories about her first love, mischief with her sister, sliding down the creek on watermelon rinds, and a high school homecoming parade – all fond and funny memories of the South. A dog that hunts Easter eggs, a tree house, and a talking doll are fun and sentimental memories of life in Texas.

Ellen grew up with the nickname “Pete,” given to her by her mother when Ellen was around two years old. Ellen’s favorite toy was a hand-me-down fire truck which she loved to ride in the yard, pulling the string that rang the bell. It was a distinct, shrill ring-ring, ring-ring, like fire bells in the 1950s. As Ellen rang the bell her mother would say, “beep-beep, beep-beep,” which the two-year-old pronounced as “Pete-Pete, Pete-Pete.” Everyone called her “Pete” until she became a teenager. Those who knew her back then still remember her as “Pete.”

Ellen has two children, a son and a daughter who live in Texas. When not pursuing her hobby of writing, she spends time with her four grandchildren. Her husband, whom she calls “The Grinch” in her stories, is retired. The Grinch spends most of his time listening to Ellen read her stories to him. He listens and always makes the same comment, “Very Good.” He is true to his name


(2019, eBook)