They're Just My Friends

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8709-6
They're Just My Friends
by Punchin' Pat Nwamu Theyre Just My Friends revolves around the life and times of Pat Black, cruiserweight boxing champion Patrick Nwamu, in a smashing star performance. A boxer, Punchin Pat, the New York City Kid, is a product of the mean streets of the Bronx. After the death of his father, Pat attempts to find a sense of community in all the wrong places, aligning himself with local Italian-American gangsters. While training to turn pro, Pat begins a romance with neighborhood girl Gina (Rue Debona), which inflames the racist Howard Beach neighborhood street gang, the Guido Boys. It isnt until Pat lands in jail that he finally realizes the mistakes hes made. Fortunately Pats physical talents and the connections hes made on the outside including father figure and member of the Lodge, Mr. Frank Gibbs (Bruce Altman) deliver him from prison and give him the chance to reevaluate his life. A gritty urban drama costarring The Last Dragons Taimak, WWE Champion Al Snow, Ozs Lord Jamar, noted character actor Bruce Altman (Running Scared, Matchstick Men), New York Undercovers Malik Yoba, and soap stars from One Life to Live, Michael Easton and Thom Christopher. The movie also stars former Sopranos cast members John Bianco and Johnny Chacha. Theyre Just My Friends was filmed on location throughout the five boroughs in New York City institutions from Gleasons Gym in Brooklyn to the Queens Correctional Facility. Theyre Just My Friends will be distributed by Punchin Pat Productions in 2007. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Prior to turning professional in 2000, Nwamus illustrious amateur boxing career saw him twice named the USA State/Golden Gloves Olympic Style Heavyweight Boxing Champion in New York and Georgia, 1998-2000, and the USA Metro Boxing Team Captain of the N.E. American Champions, 1999. He then went on to become 2006s International Boxing Associations (IBA) Super Cruiser Weight Champion of the World. As a performer, Nwamu has appeared in such films as Spike Lees Malcolm X with Denzel Washington, Reginald Hudlins Boomerang with Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry, and director Joe Roths Streets of Gold. Nwamu has also appeared in nationally aired broadcast commercials for such nationally renowned products and services as Met Life, Coors, HBO, and Cinemax, as well as Shakiras video Illegal. Patrick Nwamu is a member of the Free Masons and is involved in many different charitable functions for women and kids. Nwamu is also a passionate motorcycle enthusiast, an interest accounted for in Theyre Just My Friends, Nwamus debut film as writer, executive producer, and leading man. (2008, paperback, 158 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.