Thin Ice

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Thin Ice
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Thin Ice
by Frieda Korobkin

The vicar says: I can assure you there are many young people like yourself in Europe today who have no idea that they are Jewish.

Megan Rhyss dilemma is one of the lingering aftermaths of the Holocaust. Will she embrace her newly discovered Jewish roots, or remain a faithful, church-going Christian?

Thin Ice takes us from Nazi Germany in the mid 1930s and the Nuremberg Laws, to post-war Wales in the 1950s, with a romantic detour to Israel on the brink of the 1956 war.

About the Author:

Praise for Frieda Korobkins Throw Your Feet Over Your Shoulders; Beyond the Kindertransport

This is a poignant, compelling, unsparing account of pivotal events in Jewish history filtered through the uncompromising but tender-hearted perspective of an insightful, perceptive young girl. Beautifully written and compulsively readable, this is an important book.

-Jonathan Kellerman, Author of the Alex Delaware novels.

Frieda Korobkin is an author living in Los Angeles, California. She is married to entertainment attorney Leonard Korobkin.

(2017, Paperback, 406 pages)