This is the Real James Brown - eBook

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This is the Real James Brown - eBook

This is the Real James Brown
by Candice Hurst

When a young Candice Hurst met James Brown, it changed her life in a profound way. Her dreams came true when she was given the chance to travel the world. After James Brown passed, she attempted to have his will honored. In her interviews with band members and in her own accounts, she recalls what he said and did. This is the Real James Brown states the facts on the criminal acts having to do with his estate over the last decade. At times the story reads as a mystery with murder plots, betrayals, and greed.

This is the Real James Brown seeks to honor the musical legend, the icon, and the person. Having been close with the artist, Candice Hurst possesses insight into his musical genius and personality. Was James Brown religious? Was he a Mason? Why would anyone want to kill James Brown? While some questions may remain a mystery, This is the Real James Brown identifies the real James Brown.

About the Author:

Candice Hurst resides in the South. In the decade since James Brown passed away she has lived coast to coast, working and singing with two bands in the South and in some bands she created along the way. Sitting in with different bands, enjoying the music and her craft, James Brown told her, “Mrs. Hurst, don’t ever leave your craft.” She has not and will not, as she loves it and lives it.

Also, the last nine years she has been working with others on a documentary of the James Brown Band. While welcoming her beautiful grandchildren, she tries to keep the memory of James Brown alive in what he cared about and what he stood for. Educate yourself, love one another, and send positive message through whatever means possible. The way James Brown taught her this was through music.

(2017, eBook)