Thought Bursts

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Thought Bursts

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Thought Bursts
by Galores

Thought Bursts is a collective spectrum of reflective moments, intuitive reactions to situations, common and not-too-common insights, simple aspirations, and perspectives spoken in uncluttered mini-syllabic patterns that project the authors candid response to realities encountered in life.

The inclusive texts are sporadic lines in haiku, cinquain, freestyle, and the like, and they are poetic formats proscribed by a former office coworker. This is finally in print thanks to persuasive friends.

About the Author

Of humble Oriental-Filipino heritage, the author is one of eleven siblings with the following background: a) Education: Elementary School in Kowloon, Highschool and college in the Philippines; b) U.S. Work Experience; various clerical positions, pianist-accompanist for dance classes.

Currently a resident of Belleville, Illinois, author-retiree also has a number of unpublished Original Piano and Vocal Music, including transcribed arrangements of Filipino Folk Songs.

(2009, paperback, 118 pages)