Thoughts - eBook

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by Mattie F. Gaskins

Thoughts is about a sixteen-year-old girl falling deeply in love with a boy who doesn’t want her. He is emotionally abusive and plays mind games. Loving him and not knowing how to handle the pain and hurt from her rejection and treatment causes deep turmoil within her, scarring her for life. Keeping the hurt to herself and not talking with anyone about it, she begins thinking about what she would do if someone hurt her mother.

This is how Thoughts first formulated; thoughts of loving pain and retaliation. Mattie F. Gaskins hopes people know that everyone has thoughts whether evil, good, bad, or harmful. The love is controlling them; not acting them out, knowing the difference between thinking and acting. Love is powerful and destructive. Get help.

About the Author:

Author Mattie F. Gaskins is a current South Carolina resident. She was born there and grew up with nine siblings on their parents’ and grandparents’ farm. She began writing at age four. Farm work was hectic and never-ending, but there were still fun and good times. Her parents instilled in them values of kindness, integrity, determination, and hard work.

After graduating high school, Gaskins moved up north and worked for the government. She loved and adored her parents; they died many years ago and still she misses them very much, especially during the holidays. Gaskins has never married. She’s a single mom and her greatest accomplishment is her beautiful and intelligent daughter.

Gaskins’ hobbies include cooking, cleaning, walking, puzzle books, and listening to jazz music. Gaskins is a private person and respects others’ privacy. After 37 years of working for the government, she retired and moved back to South Carolina. She designed her lawn landscaping which resembles the islands. Before Gaskins became a mom, she began writing this book in 1977. Now, 39 years later, Thoughts is completed.

(2017, eBook)