Thoughts Translated

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Thoughts Translated
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Thoughts Translated
by Goldie Nanwani

Goldie Nanwani is woman of Indian origins, born and brought up in Spain, who graduated from the United Kingdom. She speaks four languages fluently and is a married working mum, with two young children and currently lives in Barcelona.

Goldies passion for writing started quite accidentally when she was not more than twelve years old. Her father used to write long letters to her at boarding school and this letter writing involved intricate descriptions of her daily life, which both father and daughter encouraged mutually, since their communication was otherwise limited. This then led to diary writing, where her thoughts began to occupy pages, making room for even the most minor incidents that took place around her.

As an eagle-eyed and observant woman, Goldie has learned to pay attention to the details and often tries to identify with a situation that she either hears about or visualises and later her thoughts give birth to a poem or an article.

Thoughts Translated is a collection of pieces, which have been inspired by conversations, observations, real life situations, all lived by the writer or people who surround her.

Goldie has covered subjects that affect both men and women, from basic relationships to marriage, giving birth to seeing death, love and betrayal and even writes about her passion for fitness and running. Goldie is passionate and spiritual towards the things she really cares for, and these feelings are mirrored through every piece in Thoughts.

Thoughts is the journey of a woman who tries her best to enjoy the little things in life, for its these Thoughts which one day will be regarded as precious memories. Thoughts seeps deep into the mind of Goldie and one can read her fears, passions, loves, opinions and even her most unsaid intimate emotions.

(2013, Paperback, 82 Pages)