Three Short West Indian Folk Tales

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9569-5
Three Short West Indian Folk Tales
by Gregory Thorne Three Short West Indian Folk Tales is based on stories author Gregory Thorne heard mostly from aunts, uncles, and some older cousins. One tale, a story from Guyana called Black Water, came from a friend. According to legend, old dead trees that stick out of the sea are to blame for the disappearances of swimmers and fishermen. But the people in this tale know something else is the cause. The other two stories, originally from Trinidad, are still discussed among natives to this day. Together, these stories make up Three Short West Indian Folk Tales. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native of Trinidad, Gregory Thorne lived with his older brother and sister and his grandparents, who took care of him. He was brought up to respect his elders and say Good morning, Good afternoon, and Good night. And, if he got out of handwhich was not too oftenhe would be chastised. Everyday his brother and sister would take him back and forth to school, and after he and his brother finished their homework, they also had to do chores. They had to tend to the chickens and cows, till the crops, and carry coffee beans in a basket on their heads from the field back to the house. (2005, paperback, 48 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.