Threshold: Aperture to the Light of the World

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Threshold: Aperture to the Light of the World

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Threshold: Aperture to the Light of the World
by Vincent M.M. Galici, Sr.

Threshold is a scholarly account of Shamanism/New Age belief systems, in conjunction with which The Four-Fold Way is a measuring rod.

The method of engaging in the exhilarating yet ambitious task, by means of apposite response, are the authors personal views and analysis as well as several other prominent individuals including, but not limited to, theologians, biblical scholars, doctors of medicine and philosophy, ministers, and scientists. Legitimate practicing shamans and their belief, indigenous shamanic activity around the globe, together with proponents of New Age practice are also included.

Additionally, there are hundreds of scriptural, pseudepigraphous, and extra-biblical references, including numerous stories and essays on the subject. Last, but not least, is attentive stride through The Four-Fold Way, detailed in biblical and classic critique.

About the Author

The authors expertise goes back some thirty-plus years of ongoing training and experience in sects, world religions, and Christian cults. His literary career had its roots some forty years past and took professional form back in the mid-90s. Twelve years ago, he began formally constructing his belief and practice through pen and ink.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies and advanced degrees in theology and philosophy including a masters degree and doctorate.

Threshold: Aperture to the Light of the World is for the Christian as well as for the skeptic in hopes of building up the one while guiding the other to a fuller, deeper, more meaningful and purposeful view of self, life, the world, and God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: The Father creates, the Son molds, and the Holy Spirit guides and completes.

(2011, paperback, 1004 pages)