Through a Passage in Time

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Through a Passage in Time
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Through a Passage in Time
by Fred L. Hale

Through a Passage in Time tells the story of a retired college professor living in the present day. The professor believes his soul has traveled through a transference portal from the 1700s to the present time. A former student joins him on his adventure, leading him to a hypnotist who helps the professor search his past life. Follow along as the professor transitions from a British officer to a pirate, encounters love, greed, and compassion, and find out who he is and where his soul belongs. Filled with surprises and what-ifs, Through a Passage in Time sorts through endless possibilities.

About the Author:

Fred L. Hale was born in the small farming community of Wilbur, Washington. He grew up playing sports, hunting, fishing, and swimming. He often read comic books and would create his own superheroes or adventure books. His interest in writing piqued in high school while taking journalism and literature classes, encouraging him to write childrens short stories.

In college, Hale received a Masters degree in Horticulture. He married and had two children. His interest in writing was placed on hold for about 20 years. Eventually, after writing a story-poem to read to his children, he was encouraged to pursue writing and earned his certification as a poet once he became published.

After his wifes passing, Hale moved to Spokane, Washington, where he worked in maintenance for a local college. He met his current wife Sandra in 2003. They both retired and now live in the small community of St. John, Washington. Hale is back to writing and loves to see the smiles on the childrens faces when hearing his short stories.

(2016, Paperback, 78 pages)