Throw Your Feet Over Your Shoulders: Beyond the Kindertransport

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Throw Your Feet Over Your Shoulders: Beyond the Kindertransport
Throw Your Feet Over Your Shoulders: Beyond the Kindertransport
by Frieda Korobkin

Poignant! Compelling! Powerful! Memorable!

"This is a poignant, compelling, unsparing account of pivotal events in Jewish history filtered through the uncompromising but tender-hearted perspective of an insightful, perceptive young girl. Beautifully written and compulsively readable. This is an important book."
Jonathan Kellerman, Author of the Alex Delaware novels

"This story of the odyssey of a six-year-old child, sent by her parents from Austria to England to escape the Nazi Holocaust, is almost beyond civilized comprehension. The People, locations, and experiences are so vividly described that the reader can only wonder in awe at the memory of the writer today and the intelligence of the little girl she was. In reading this book I have discovered a brilliant writer and an astounding woman."
Saul Turteltaub, screenwriter of 35 television series

"Filled with vivid details, unflinching candor, and flashes of wry humor, Korobkin's intimate memoir is powerful and poignant, heart-breaking and heart-lifting."
Rochelle Kirch, Author of the Jessie Drake and Molly Blume mystery series

Throw Your Feet Over Your Shoulders is a powerful and memorable story of a young woman's commitment to life. The story is moving, the writing vivid. The actual Kindertransport is a monument to parents everywhere, who sacrificed everything to ensure the safety of their children. Frieda Korobkin's story of her journey belongs in the annals of literature not only about the Holocaust, but about family love and the splendor of the human spirit."
Sonia Levitin, author of The Cure, The Return

(2012, paperback, 200 pages)