Thy Kingdom Come

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Thy Kingdom Come
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Thy Kingdom Come

William Waters

In Thy Kingdom Come, William A. Waters narrates and shares his vision of Gods Kingdom and spiritual rebirth commenced through his real-life salvation from the thorns caused by evil. His journey takes us through the End Times where a battle of good and evil wages. Once trapped in tormented doom, he went through a daily struggle with hell, but soon managed to seek and succeed in finding his way, once again, with his Lord and Savior

William wants to share his many visions: some are about the Kingdom of God coming and some are about the End Times as he experienced them through his walk with the Lord.

Williams spirituality touches abortion, the most poignant concern hovering over America and over the whole world. As he faced a different visage of good and evil, he felt in his heart his duty to try and save all of mankind, especially the unborn, through his devotion in sharing his divine experiences.