Tickle Breeches

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Tickle Breeches

Tickle Breeches

By: Helen Jefferson Howard

About the Book

Tickle Breeches is an easy read “nutshell” narrative of a young man called Tickle Breeches. The story unfolds in the 1900s in the Mississippi Delta. Learning to face life without the guidance of parents made life difficult for Tickle Breeches. Learn how he came by the name “Tickle Breeches” and also the name “Knox Williams.” Take a quick glimpse into this young man’s life and see how life shaped and molded him into such an interesting character. Many obstacles were faced because of his ignorance of basic things in life.

This story is based on facts and fiction. Tickle Breeches never learned to read or write, which made life very difficult. Traveling down the road of hard knocks caused Knox to endure sadness, bitterness, heartache and much pain. You will either weep for him or despise him after reading his story.


About the Author

Helen Jefferson Howard is a narrative “nutshell” writer born in Dublin, Mississippi. Her favorite pastime is observing people and writing what she has observed. People are fascinating to her, especially kinfolk. Her “nutshell” stories are very interesting and relatable.

Helen is mother to one daughter and four grown sons. She is still married to her childhood sweetheart. Helen has been a resident of San Diego, California, since 1966. She is a retired baker and daycare provider. Her books are designed for lazy readers who have a short attention span or limited time. She gets right to the point in her writings. So relax and enjoy the life story of Tickles Breeches (Knox Williams).


(2019, Paperback, 40 pages)

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