Time Heals All

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Time Heals All
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Time Heals All
by Rob Loveless

A fiend from the past has come for his revenge.

Some say that the past will come back to haunt you, which proves true for the citizens of the formerly peaceful town of Bellumwood. When a classmate is mysteriously murdered at a nightclub, Scott Monroe begins to do his own investigative work to find the perpetrator. After a series of various coincidences, he unveils the plans of a deranged murderer who plans to kill off several members of the student bodyincluding Scott. As the psychopath taunts police and pupils alike, Scott stumbles upon a dirty little secret kept by Bellumwood High School that occurred twenty-six years prior. With no clues left other than ominous messages and a trail of symbolic murders, he attempts to unmask the killer. Can Scott piece together the mystery before his own life is claimed in the name of revenge?

About the Author:

Rob Loveless is a Duquesne University graduate, with a bachelors degree in public relations and broadcast journalism. Originally from Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, he has been an avid reader and aspiring author from a young age. Rob currently resides in Pittsburgh and continues to write while launching his communications career.

(2016, Paperback, 234 pages)