Time Never Was Where the Human Race Were Not - eBook

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Time Never Was Where the Human Race Were Not - eBook

Time Never Was Where the Human Race Were Not

By: Heyward C. Sanders

About the Book

This book will help you focus more on life and the things that matter. This will help you see what society you are functioning in – fiction or nonfiction. Each community has both, but some are higher than the other. That’s because some have a higher profit rate than other communities because they’re being more brainwashed by the entertainment world.

You will read things about history, religion, criminal law, business law, lifestyles, politics, and how all of it works together in trying to take control of our minds. See, our minds are easily exploited based on who is exploiting us. Some might say they have control over their minds, but how could that be when you live in a society that controls your every move? One might say they have an understanding of what is being done around them and they try to move with the flow that would be more beneficial for them. But that is still called control: which is a good thing because if everybody saw the things in front of them, it could be easier to change in a positive way.

Heyward C. Sanders believes this book will help you have a better understanding of what we need to stay focus. Thanks, Peace and Blessing.


 About the Author

 The author, Heyward C. Sanders, is sixty-three years old. He was born and raised in the District of Columbia. He lived in a limited system environment where ninety-five percent of his community was adjusted by a society that is created by the corporate system. This is a good and bad thing for the communities, but good for the economy. Sanders has some experience on both sides, good and bad. He has been incarcerated before, and came back to society working for himself for thirty years, buying and selling houses. He is still fighting a corrupt system that ignores the injustice in some communities.

Sanders is still learning how to move forward and is just trying to live a normal life. His experience in life is normal for the community that he came from. The things that he has achieved in life still put him at the starting gate. At the end of the day he still has a lot of appreciation for the life struggles that make us, in this great country, who we are today. 

(2017, eBook)