Time to Shed Your Skin (HB)

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Time to Shed Your Skin (HB)

Time to Shed Your Skin

By: Night Shade

About the Book

Time to Shed Your Skin is a collection of poetry by Night Shade. These poems have been collected over the past few years. These were written when life was hard, with the deepest of emotion, and with hopes that others may gain not only strength but the perseverance to get through anything that life throws at them. Life may not be the easiest thing, but as long as we keep going, we may use the pain and the troubles to succeed.

                Please enjoy these poems and may they not only make you think, but also feel. Shed your skin and become who you really are on the inside.


About the Author

Night Shade is a young and striving entrepreneur, with large dreams for both her writing career and company. She is supported by a loving family of four; three amazing children and a loving and supportive husband Josh. They live in beautiful southern California with their dog Bella.


(2018, Hardcover, 44 pages)

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