Time Wars 1

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Time Wars 1
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Time Wars
by Randall Miller

Do you want to nuke Washington? Epitaph does.

Do you want to rule the world? Epitaph does.

Do you want to travel through time and rewrite all the rules? EPITAPH DOES!

Author Randall Miller takes time travel to a whole new level. This book is in a category all its own: historical sci-fi. All the unwritten rules of time travel have been tossed out the window. So for all you armchair historians and science fiction fanatics, if you like the idea of history with a alternative ending then this is definitely the book for you.

About the Author

Randall Miller is you. He is a common man who has worked hard all his life slaving away in all the usual sweatshops, Restaurants, factories, and other odd jobs just trying to scratch out a living. Now it's time to let his imagination shine.

This is the story of just such an individual except this man worked for his country and after becoming a victim of its corrupt ways he took matters into his own hands. (2013, paperback, 128 pages)