Time Was

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9939-6
Time Was
by William Earle Spruill, Sr. Time Was is about a boy, the first born of eleven children, who grew up in Washington County, North Carolina. First he lived on the family plantation, and he made his home at six other places in the country each time his Daddy would decide to move. However, he always would go back to the plantation when there was a desperate need for help from his father. The story is filled with pathos; it will make you laugh and cry. What was the long black thing the little boy saw? Was that really a seven-foot fish coming to the top of the water? Why did Capen Bill cry? Was the mother bear, angry from losing her cub, coming his way? What happened when his little sister ran in front of his axe as he was cutting wood? Or when his little brother cried for help because a nail had stuck deeply into his foot? What happened when he jumped into the creek from the top of a freight train during a midnight swim with the boys? What happened one morning during the Great Depression when there wasnt any food for breakfast? Who was knocking at the door on his wedding night? Find out what he did and what happened. (2005, paperback, 186 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.