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by Robert F. Schuyler

Did you ever stop to wonder what makes things tick? I am not talking about clocks but about time.

Would you like to know the structure of space-time? Did you know time of itself has three dimensions?
Did you know there is a common temporal equation that forms the basis for both relativity and quantum electrodynamics? They are two sides of the same coin.
Would you like to know what causes mass?
Did you know gravity is a delta square force (infinitesimal times infinitesimal) formed from the same geometry that causes the electrostatic force?
Did you know the strong force is derived from the same geometry that produces the electrostatic and electromagnetic forces?
Did you know the weak force is from many electrodynamic sources that are seemingly unrelated?
Would you like to know why masses of atoms decrease when they are formed from their constituent protons, electrons, and neutrons? And would you like to know why the mass of a neutron increases when it is formed of its constituent proton and electron?
Did you know you can calculate all of the stable isotopes in the periodic table based on the nine basic geometries of a large bag of marbles? We produce an equation with almost one thousand solutions.

If youve answered yes to any of these questions, this is the book for you. At first, you might find the logic different from the textbooks, howbeit the equations are the same. It is just that we must revise our temporal perspective and leave Ptolemaic time behind. Then the future awaits us!

About the Author

Robert F. Schuyler, P.E. is a former deputy director with the Electrical Department of the New York City Transit. In 1991 he retired from that position and entered private practice as a consulting engineer. He is married, the father of five children, and he is further blessed with six grandchildren. Robert feels the Lord has given him a small glimpse of how He, the Author of All Time, put the universe together. Robert is awed by the sheer magnificence and splendor of it all. He would like to share his blessing with those questioning souls seeking answers to the riddle of time and its surrounding mysteries.

(2009, paperback, 356 pages)