Timothy Timmons and the Magical Suitcase (HB Version)

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Timothy Timmons and the Magical Suitcase (HB Version)
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Timothy Timmons and the Magical Suitcase (HB version)
by Nikos Megas and Patricia Megas

Nikos Megas mother had a life-long passion for traveling and was convinced there was nothing like seeing the world. Together they stopped in Greece eight to ten times, starting when Megas was a year and a half and ending when he was twenty-seven years old.

This book is very relevant to readers, because it shows that what they want is what they can achieve if theyre patient enough, let their fears subside, and go for their ultimate goals.

The content of the book is important to readers because it shows, when all else fails, theres always something that comes through or someone to care enough to carry it through.

Timothy Timmons and the Magical Suitcases is unique and different. Megas got to know Greece and its natives quite well. This book reflects on its scenery and customs quite well for those who dont know or have never been there before.

(2017, Hardcover, 32 pages)