Tipple Holler

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Tipple Holler
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Tipple Holler
by Bill Tabor

This novel, set in the titular locale, is set at the turn of the century when coal was beginning to become the life blood of Southern Appalachia. It delves into the personal life styles of fictional characters that go about their daily lives just trying to dig a meager living from the bottom of Boissevains deep shaft mine.

They go about their work facing cruel task masters hired by outside interest to do one thing and that is to dig coal. These pick and shovel miners are of little concern to these owners.

Go with us now into Tipple Hollow, or as locals call it Tipple Holler, and meet these families who live as everyone else does dealing with social and emotional issues. They deal with mining, murder and mayhem. They do all this and still manage to delight you with laughter, love, and an appreciation of what coal camp life once was.

About the Author:

Bill Tabor was born in the heart of the Appalachian coal fields in Mercer County, West Virginia. Except for four and a half years in the Army, he has lived there his entire life. Now retired, Bill still lives in his hometown of Boissevain, just one mile from the Mercer County line. He resides there with his beautiful wife, Zenith, and enjoys gardening, raising chickens, and writing.

(2015, Paperback, 224 pages)