Tips for Raising a Happy Child

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Tips for Raising a Happy Child
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Tips for Raising a Happy Child
by Stella Alexandre

I was born on September 28, 1925, in Seattle, Washington. On my 45th birthday, I was given the opportunity to teach at an elementary school in San Mateo for 23 years. I successfully designed and managed the Multi-Age Program for three years at San Mateo Park School, grades 1-5.

In 1981 I was the recipient of a Bank America Foundation Grant. I was then able to produce six videotaped oral histories and a resource guidebook, which is used with these tapes in the classroom. This project was the winner of the J. Russell Kent Award.

In 1983 I received a Whitney Foundation Grant. The project involved senior center residents from Park Tower as pen pals and mentors (TMTD Grant Winners).

From 1987 to 1988, I authored Fall Days, Holiday Lingo and Winter Days, Holiday Lingo, both published by Fearon Teacher Aids (publisher David S. Lake, Belmont, CA). In 1987 I also authored five calendars (published by Bo-Tree, Palo Alto, CA). In 1997 I authored Tips for Talking about Tough Situations with Middle Grade Students at School (published by Britehouse Education, Whitehouse, NJ). This book was written because of the impact these topics have on youngsters and their parents.

(2012, paperback, 80 pages)