Tithes and Offerings: Perspectives on Christian Giving

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Tithes and Offerings:  Perspectives on Christian Giving
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Tithes and Offerings: Perspectives on Christian Giving
by G. Davis Dean, Jr.

Tithes and Offerings: Perspectives on Christian Giving is the result of a suggestion made to the author by a close Christian friend and consultant. His reasoning was that, although there are many books on the Christian tithes and offerings, they are overwhelmingly legalistic or moralistic. Such appeals have often been based upon the popular, though false, health-and-wealth gospel.

This suggestion led the author to consider and examine not only points of conservative church doctrine as they may be applied to the subject, but to incidents in Scripture that involved the act of giving. This in turn led the author into a research and analysis of the historical and cultural context of the exchange, and the profile and life situation of the personages involved in it.

The final matter to come out of all this reconstruction was to put a flesh-and-bone humanity upon personages most people only know from Scripture by their names and the deeds associated with them. But more, in regard to the act of giving, there is the considering of what the act meant to them personally; and to translate this very human meaning to Christian giving among believers even today.

About the Author

G. Dean Davis Jr. was born on May 27, 1959 in Miami, Florida. He acquired a degree in anthropology in 1980 from the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

Dean has worked since in real estate appraisal and as a real estate title researcher-examiner. During these years, Dean became a Christian. Growing in his faith, Dean acquired a Masters of Religion from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He settled in that city and has been an active member of St. Paul Lutheran Church since 1996.

Dean is the author of a previous work, The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Cross and Crown of Our Savior and Lord. He is also presently working on his next manuscript, a manual and devotional work geared for Sunday School teachers.

(2014, Paperback, 376 pages)