To Bridge the Great Divide: A Futuristic Philosophy

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To Bridge the Great Divide: A Futuristic Philosophy
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To Bridge the Great Divide: A Futuristic Philosophy
by Johan Maritz

Beware! Theres a stranger in the house! says a critic of this book. Relax! says the author, Johan Maritz. This is only a philosophy of tomorrow. Its purpose, as the title indicates, is to appease the world though language instead of guns. Being a self-trained philosopher, he especially invites the layperson to understand him- or herself philosophically. Because everyone is his or her own reference book, the individual will easily identify with the laymans language used here. He criticizes trained philosophers for having neglected linguistic meaning, thereby causing the fears of postmodernism. To allay these, the secrets inside this book. Lastly, he begs, dont commit this book to the flames, lest you scorch the human mind!

About the Author

The author, an eighty-year-old teenager who retired from a big bank after forty-one years of service, was born and bred in South Africa. He grew up on a sheep farm in the Great Karoo and claims to understand the animal and human subconcious minds. He still enjoys playing old mens marbles and the camaraderie of his clubmates. Reading philosophy is still his first love. Until the next fall of the dice!

(2012, paperback, 126 pages)