To Hell with Male Prostitutes and other stories

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To Hell with Male Prostitutes and other stories
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To Hell with Male Prostitutes and other stories
by Venansio Ahabwe

To Hell with Male Prostitutes and other stories is a collection of comic editorial pieces, selected from hundreds of articles authored by Venansio Ahabwe and published in newspapers and magazines in Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania. Media reports of day-to-day events provided raw material for this text. Written in simple style, this hilarious book is ideal for mental relaxation and can also be used in education institutions for language and literature studies. Much of the content borders on the ludicrous, with jokes to mock conventional human beliefs and manners.

About the Author:

Venansio Ahabwe has been a social critic since 1996, writing op-eds to New Vision and Monitor newspapers and teaching English Language and Literature at Immaculate Heart High School. His informative articles in Child-Link Magazine earned him a job with the African Network for Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect. He also authored Peering Eye and The Comrade columns in Tanzanias Sunday Citizen and Guardian on Sunday respectively. A holder of a Master of Arts in Social Sector Planning and Management and Bachelor of Education, Ahabwe has also worked as a communication specialist for Johns Hopkins University and HealthPartners projects in Uganda.

(2015, Paperback, 86 pages)