To Orlando with Love

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To Orlando with Love

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To Orlando with Love
by Clarissa John

To Orlando with Love is a fictional romance inspired by the authors physical attraction to movie star Orlando Bloom. It begins with the first feelings of a love that keeps growing and growing, no matter how much she tries to avoid it, and continues into the months of difficulties which result as she seeks to know him on a personal level.

To Orlando with Love is organized into three major sections. The first relates the authors life story and her strange connection with this movie star. (Some scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest were filmed on location in the authors hometown.) The second goes deeper into the authors longing for an impossible love. And lastly, the author discusses living without knowing where this love will lead.

Throughout the book, the author gives advice on life based on her own personal experiences, and she encourages everyone to believe in themselves, no matter what the situation or circumstances.

About the Author

Thirty-year-old Clarissa John has worked as a commercial assistant for the past six years. Born in Dominica, she is a French citizen who recently moved to Britain to live permanently. She has studied tourism and is well traveled, having visited Spain, the United States, Ireland, and the Caribbean.

(2009, paperback, 72 pages)