To Teach Like Mary: Getting It Right at First

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To Teach Like Mary: Getting It Right at First

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To Teach Like Mary: Getting It Right at First
by Dr. Myron Oglesby-Pitts

With a twist of faith, a once first grade student, now a professor, recalls her journey as a first grade student by interviewing her ninety-year-old first grade teacher. This faithful journey is a reflection of the past and the future of Americas children who can and do learn when teachers teach, like Mary Craighead taught.

This is the unique journey of a professor who spends time with her first grade teacher and is able to ask daring question that she can recall about the children in the classroom. How Mary taught can be a challenge to teachers today. Riveting questions are answered, like can black children really learn? And should Black teachers only teach Black children? And what secrets do good teachers know that others do not?

About the Author

A critical thinker, analyst, and public school administrator, Dr. Myron Oglesby-Pitts has served in several capacities ranging from rural to urban school settings; she has worked closely with and has been featured twice as a public policy speaker with the Progressive Foundation to Reinvent Family Policy, hosted by former Vice-President Al Gore and President Bill Clinton. Dr.Oglesby-Pitts contributions served as a catalyst to revisit full-service social centers located in public schools.

A former school teacher of students with varying abilities and elementary, middles school aged abilities, Dr. Oglesby-Pitts refers to her outstanding years of teaching as her gift and blessing.

Dr. Oglesby-Pitts has taught in both rural and inner city school settings for more than twenty years before becoming a public school principal for more than twelve years. Dr. Oglesby-Pitts opened the first public Montessori School in the Metropolitan Nashville Davidson County Public School System.

Dr. Oglesby-Pitts is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and received her Doctorate Degree in School Administration. She currently serves as an Assistant Professor at Belmont University and lives in Nashville, with her husband; close family members and friends.

(2010, paperback, 76 pages)