To Walk With Thee: Songs of the Spirit

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To Walk With Thee: Songs of the Spirit
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To Walk With Thee: Songs of the Spirit
by Barbara Rautner

To Walk With Thee: Songs of the Spirit is a collection of Reflections in poetic form. As a person of the Christian faith, the author set out to attempt to express eternal spiritual truth in the language of 21st century thought, and found herself on a journey of deepening and nurturing spiritual experience. The book is the story of that journey.

We must all deal with pain and loss, as well as finding much goodness and joy in daily life; we may be grateful or discontent. What do we think and feel about ourselves, our relationships, and what do we learn from our experience? To Walk With Thee focuses the light of spirituality on daily life, and reflects on our calling and our abundant blessings.

About the Author

Barbara J. Rautner was born in 1943 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received her BA in Psychology from Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania, then served as a short-term domestic missionary with the Methodist Church for two years, before earning her MSW at the University of Pittsburgh. Barbara worked as a psychiatric social worker for about twenty-six years in community mental health, outpatient, and inpatient care. She worked for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and for InterCare Psychiatric Services in Pittsburgh. Barbara has always delighted in music, dancing, and swimming, is now writing to share words of faith, guidance, and celebration.

(2012, paperback, 80 pages)