Tommy's New Friend Tinny

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Tommy's New Friend Tinny
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Tommy's New Friend Tinny
by Judy Schweitzer

In today's world, filled with all it's uncertainties and disadvantages, it's nice to see the "playing field" leveled for those whose way is made harder by the trials of life!

This book is written for all little boys and girls out there who need to see we have a God watching over us all who cares very much and has all the power to change things for His little ones!

This story is filled with all the energy and excitement that little boys generate into each and every day of their lives. It is set in the poor city streets where often not having enough to do brings trouble into the lives of single income families. This story brings out the values of honor, integrity and that ever so precious ingredient called hope that we all want to see installed in the hearts of our children!

This is a story that can be told over and over again and never lose its grip on young hearts! A story that can be used to illustrate the values parents want to see installed in their children! It is my hope and prayer that this book is sitting by each and every little boy's bedside, read over and over again, thoroughly enjoyed by both parents and their children!

This is just one of many stories that we told our children as they grew up! Stories our little boy who is now grown up into quite a young man still recalls with fondness!

Happy reading!

(2013, paperback, 46 pages)