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by Onwuka Akuma

Empires have risen and fallen, leaving no lasting peace on the planet. With virtually every conceivable form of governanceautocracy, theocracy, democracy, military rule, and monarchyhaving been practiced on the globe, the challenges of environmental degradation, rights abuse, global warming, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, and food and energy insecurity remain unresolved.

A group of twelve animals driven by a passion to secure a heritage for their children embarked on an ambitious yet desperate quest for solutions to these challenges through dialogue. With their union made up of both the weak and the strong, can they possibly surmount these challenges without undermining the rights of anyone? Tomorrow is a poetic drama. Part literature, part politics, it is a lyrical representation of the ongoing arguments across all political and social divides in a world that has become a global village. With each economy becoming increasingly dependent on the other and all perilously becoming weaker by day, the faint but desperate call for a new world order is on the rise. Tomorrow projects the power of unity and the virtues of diplomacy. In a very simplistic style, Tomorrow exudes unbridled optimism for a better future and the reluctance of many to pay the price.

About the Author

Onwuka Oti Akuma holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is an observer of global politics and economics, with interest in global peace and security. Onwuka has numerous unpublished sonnets with themes drawn from many aspects of life. Tomorrow is his first published work, while Whispers from the Four Winds, a collection of poems, is in view. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria, with his wife, Ninette Akuma.

(2011, paperback, 56 pages)