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ISBN: 978-1-4349-9087-7
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Tood by Janet Ama Akofa Odani

Tood is a tale of triumphant victory for this young fairy who faces great challenges at such a tender age. Knowing the race is not to the swift nor bread to the wise but time and chance happen to them all, the young fairy has to run his own race and fight his own battles. It shows that even though we have family and friends giving us support, we still have a role to play in life because we somehow hold our own destiny in our hands.

Forgotten Dreams
We have seen the world through childrens eyes
We have marveled at now and forgotten how
Many hands make a life
Many days pay the price
Of true long happiness
We have turned our back on the past
And have forgotten its lessons
We no longer care about our hopes
We let them fade into the night
Now we are here
High above the world
Like we always dreamed to be
And forgotten just who it was
We were supposed to be.

Janet Ama Akofa Odani

About the Author

The author is currently studying at University, and writing short stories and poems is one of her hobbies done in her free time. Knowing how real dreams are to the dreamer and how much harder still it is to achieve them, she would like to motivate her readers to make their dreams a reality and do great things!

(2008, paperback, 48 pages)