Toredo - eBook

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Toredo - eBook


By: Mary Ann Dentu

About the Book

Toredo: I am a big boy now! is a charming story about a little boy’s childhood whilst growing up in Sicily, Italy.


About the Author

The author, Mary Ann Dentu, was born in 1939 to two immigrant Italian parents. Her parents are from Cefalu, Sicily, and loved to sing Italian songs when she was young. She loved songs like “That’s Amore”, especially the parts that said, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s Amore, When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fazool that’s Amore.”

Mary Ann attended Penn State University where she graduated with a bachelor of science degree in elementary education. She taught elementary aged children on three different continents, including Great Britain, Africa, and the United States for over forty years. She also graduated with a master’s degree in elementary education where she specialized in equipping beginning and slow readers. She prided herself in that she helped kids gain two to three grades of reading comprehension and ability when they came to her class.

It was during these experiences that Mary Ann would share these stories that fill her books. They are filled with stories of young children that do incredible things. Many of these stories are actual experiences of her father (Salvatore Maiorca) during his youth in Sicily. She is proud to share with you these favorite and personal stories and memories. ENJOY!



(2018, eBook)