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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9059-1
by Teagan Shelley On the death of her father, Torin Sinclair has inherited a terrible legacy. If released, it could not only destroy Torin, but also all mankind. Her mother Jane saved Torins life as a child but has hidden this fact from her daughter, hoping the thing will stay dormant. As Torin grows she is almost content with life, gaining employment as a personal secretary in Congress; however, she feels there is something elusive just below the surface. This is all about to change as Jake Saxon from the Inner circle, part of the alliance, sees her not as an overweight, pimple-scarred human from a chance meeting. He sees her as one of the hundred Elite or immortals on Draken. Jakes findings are of special interest to the Inner circle, as the known universe is on the brink of an interstellar war, those who support the Elite against those of the planets of the free alliance. He unwillingly enlists Torins services by giving her the drug Corves, made from the root of white flowers of Draken, transforming her so that Torin resembles Octavia, the raven-haired princess with vibrant blue eyes, who enslaved many creatures. Can they save the universe together, or will this mission destroy them both? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Teagan Shelley enjoyed reading at a young age and wanted to create a book, but she didn't know how or where to start. There are authors she admires, like Wilbur Smith and Stephen King, but what she wrote came out as her. Shelley went outback of NSW and QLD in Australia, experiencing life on a different level. She worked as a cotton chipper and sewed cotton tarps to cover the stuff. She also tried opal mining, seeing a few pretty stones, but she never made much money, so she decided to get into finance. College was hard to juggle with young boys dubbed the war twins by the doctor before birth, but Shelley gained a degree in financial services. She had been putting her accounting skills to good use, but she still wanted to write. She believes a good author looks at the world around him or her and creates what they feel in words, almost like an artist would with paint. If the reader can understand from where they are coming, they have an accord. (2006, paperback, 200 page) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.