Touching and Molding: A Music Teacher's Memoir

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9702-6
Touching and Molding: A Music Teacher's Memoir
by Belinda F. Floyd All of Belinda F. Floyds life has been a miracle. She is the founder, director, fundraiser, travel agent, and music writer for The Adorable Kids, a childrens choir, enabling her to return to the community much of what it has shared with her. Not only has the group toured America, but also Canada, London, Paris, and Africa. Ms. Floyd grew up in the Titusville neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama, and is a graduate of Stillman College. A music teacher at the elementary level for twenty-five years in the Birmingham City School System, she stands as an example to her students of what they can achieve. She was inspired by her mentor and music teacher, Mrs. Harriet M. Cantelow, who made her realize that ordinary people can succeed. Ms. Floyd is content with her life. Her family includes her children, Kim, Kevin and Korey, who are the objects of her affection, and her cats, Oreo and Angel. Music is her talent, her career, and her life, and she is eager to share her love for it with the world. My tastes are not sophisticated, she says. In an way, all I need is a quiet room and a piano. (2005, paperback, 72 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.