Trained in Hell, Living in Heaven

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Trained in Hell, Living in Heaven

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Trained in Hell, Living in Heaven
by Timothy Segrest

I guess the reason of this book is very much like the reason for my poetry books that Ive published. It is an attempt to let society know about some of the things veterans deal with after being willingly forced to kill to protect out freedom, so they say. I also hope that our returning soldiers will be accepted and taken care of, despite misunderstood, harmless actions. I say that because I dont condone harming anyone. Its true that not all of them have seen combat, however, Im sure they have seen more than they desire. In addition, more than the average non-military citizen has seen.

Let me make something clear. My story is not a biography; however, it does hold some truths about me. I was a sniper, but I cant go any farther than that. This story is how I came to be a Special Forces sniper, and events in my childhood that led me to it. Actually, I feel I had no choice in the matter. My journeys final leg takes you to the last moments in my life, and, with the help of my understanding wife, beyond as well.

About the Author

Tim Segrest is 44-years-old and grew up spending a lot of time at the beach in California. He joined the military in 1983 and retired in 2004 as a disabled veteran. He was diagnosed with degenerative spine disease in 1997. Tim currently resides in New Mexico with his lovely wife. The author cant say who he is validates him writing this type of story. Sorry, youll have to answer that on your own. Except to say, it helps with his PTSD symptoms. He hopes others can find a way also.

(2010, paperback, 298 pages)